True.  And one of the blessings for me?  The Lord has had me read Revelation many, MANY times in the past few years  40 times last year   and is laniyg it on me again by the end of this month to read during my next 2 months.  I LOVE it!  And it is a prep for what's coming down our paths and how we can help/prepare for others.  Anyhow, the Words and photo are lovely and touch hearts  which is a truly GOOD thing.

I use Magic Members for my clients and it strpopus roles and capabilities. They have a nice menu which lists all the previously created roles (from different roles and capabilities plugins), system defined ones and the ones you created within Magic Members.  You can create your own roles and attach them to the subscription packs right inside Magic Members.With roles, you can create various different concepts.For example: If anyone uses Simple:Press forum and wants to turn it into a membership forum you can combine Simple:Press' roles functionality with Magic Members'. This way you can control which membership level can access to which forum category.

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