Hello,Good post. I love Jigoshop! It would be the one to beat but it does not yet have suitable sppiihng calculators yet. I would use it in a heartbeat for a client that can live with their simple sppiihng scheme. I suspect they will roll out sppiihng modules that calculate actual costs for FedEx?, UPS and USPS soon.I've given up on getshopped WP e-Commerce. I bought two gold cart licenses so I could simultaneously develop and deploy. I won't grind an ax here, so suffice to say I gave it a fair shot. And a few years of my life. My preference, and advice to others, would be to use a different plugin, or even a non wordpress solution.I've decided to try shopp for now, since it has a FedEx? sppiihng calculator module, and several other people have reviewed it favorably.

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