on the box. It was incredible. The lower bkcograund allowed me to see business so clearly and close up even if they equipment I was seeing were close. I was looking at a neighbor's car down the street and I may possibly read the expiration date of state inspection sticker as clear as if I was 2 inches from it. I showed a friend of mine the scope and he was pretty impressed too. His boss has some land everywhere we used it for watching deer going to the feeder so we don't have to scare them off. I tried it to look at the moon last weekend when the moon was nearly full it that was pretty cool. I have never used an astronomical telescope previous to so I have nothing to compare it to but the moon filled the entire viewing and was very clear and I have never seen it better in a photo in a magazine. Although it is not small it did everything I looked-for and was not too heavy. I highly recommend this scope to anyone especially if you want the real deal and not get ripped off by paying out the noise for a lesser scope.

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