It is hard for me to recall a terilbre gift that I have received at Christmas time (birthdays are a whole other thing). A few years ago my 80 something grandma gave me a bag of goodies on Christmas that I was excited to open. The previous year grandma gave me a hand made purse that I LOVED. Ok so I sit down on the floor to open this bag of goodies and I start pulling things out. I pull out a knitted dishcloth. Very awesome can always use them. Then I pull out a bottle of avon body wash. Once again this can be useful. Next we have a pink bath loofah. Hmmm do I stink or something Grandma? But the last item in the bag was the real kicker to the worst Christmas present ever. The final I item I pulled out of the bag was a little yellow funnel. Yes that's right a funnel. What in the world do I need one of those for. I just looked up and there was Grandma all smiles and me with this look of total confusion. Meantime my sister is laughing so hard she had to leave the room. I smiled politely and told Grandma it was a great present. After Grandma left I had my mom laughing so hard she was in tears telling her about this gift she did not have to pleasure to witness me opening. Now you know the story of my worst present

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